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Who we are

Giglio Tigrato is an Upcycling brand, Milan based, founded by Carlotta Orlando in October 2020.

The idea behind the brand has always been to promote a new way of creating and designing fashion that goes against everything that is not sustainable, everything that produces a waste and everything that does not stand out the uniqueness, a quality that, too often, we all forget about.

Carlotta, for her friends Ciotti, gives new life to vintage garments and waste materials which have been forgotten by the logic of mass-production and consumerism. Giglio Tigrato aims to use fabrics that others have overproduced or discarded: her Capsule Collections are 100% Made in Italy and characterized by simple and adaptable shapes and an extensive material research. Everything produced in Giglio Tigrato’s atelier has by definition its own story: the material used, the handcrafted techniques, the use of the sewing-machines and the use of paints are key elements bring you back to the traditional .

Giglio Tigrato (in English Tiger Lily), is both an Asian flower and the Princess of the Indian Tribe from Neverland. The brand encapsulates this dual identity with its flamboyant designs, recalling the Japanese and Chinese culture, and with its characteristic symbolism and attachment to nature, influenced from the Native American Tribes. Just like on the island of Peter Pan, the atelier of Tiger Lily is the place where for Carlotta and her team, companions of adventures, everything becomes possible and fuels the desire to dismantle the crazy and destructive logic behind the fashion industry that are slowly destroying our planet.

In a fast paced world where impossible standards and ideals have led to homologation and uniformity, Giglio encourages you take a break, look inside oneself and provide you an outlet to really investigate your taste and your personality. Carlotta and her team are here to make you understand that we are all unique and precious, and we don’t need trends or others to decide who we are.

Durability, Versatility, Uniqueness: 3 words with which Giglio Tigrato aims to change the consumer mentality.

Carlotta Orlando

Founder, Designer & Creative Director

Politecnico di Milano

Caterina Lombardi

Brand Manager and Merchandiser

ESCP and Polimoda