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About us

Creating Unique Identities Through Sustainability, Promoting Authenticity !

Giglio Tigrato is a brand based in Milan, founded by Carlotta Orlando in 2020.

Since 2019 Carlotta has decided to dedicate herself to something new and different for the young Milanese community and started painting on vintage clothes for her friends and family, creating unique personalized pieces. That's how Giglio Tigrato was created: as a passion for painting and awareness for the fashion industry's waste, that turned into a real project to fight against fashion homologation and consumerism.Giglio Tigrato comes from the idea of going against the industrial overproduction that characterizes the fashion world, it feels the need to do something to reduce humans impact on the planet, it wants to prove how vintage clothes and waste materials  can be seen as new and different by combining creativity and style. Giglio Tigrato divides its collections in Vintage and Upcycling, creating uniquehand-painted pieces and limited upcycled editions with a strong personality.

Giglio Tigrato has the ambition to break the fashion conventions of seasonality, gender and mass production and consumption,it has no boundaries and promotes a strong ethics.