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Welcome to Giglio's Diary

 Hello Tiger,

Welcome to Giglio’s Diary: a collection of news, reflections, advice, and updates, edited for you directly by our team <3 

But why a diary? And why now?

Well, tiger, if you didn't already know, Giglio Tigrato is a clothing brand that was born with a much bigger goal in mind: to create, around its idea of fashion, a community of informed people who share the same values ​​of social and environmental responsibility.

We are a brand that dresses rebellious yet pure souls, we are a team that's as eccentric as it is unique, we are a community united in the fight for change. Most importantly, we form a united front in the battle for change, refusing to compromise in the face of the Fashion System's injustices. So, why not share our story?

That's why Giglio’s Diary is born. We have a narrative to share, a tale that's waiting to unfold, and now it's your choice whether to be a part of it. 

Our objective?

Continuously expanding our community, forging new connections, and gathering stories and insights that will shape our collective future.

Emark on this new project, a journey to discover what happens inside and outside our world, the atelier. The entire Giglio Tigrato team and I truly hope that all this work will lead you to reflect more on what lies behind fashion and your clothes, and on the commitment that we put into the creation of each piece. We hope that all this leads you to ask more questions and never settle for quick nor ambiguous answers. 


Seek clarity, transparency, and uniqueness, always! 


Stay Responsible, Stay Rebellious!

(...and of course...Stay Tuned!!!)




If you have something you would like us to tell you about, something you would like to delve into, something you think could be useful to discuss, don't hesitate to write to us! We are here for you and to bring about change!

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Pietro Valisi

Nice! Molto figo




che bello

caterina lombardi

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